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After quite a long period of being inactive and also being put up for sale, I have finally found myself in the mindspace to start being active on the site again! Unfortunately the unexpected hiatus occured during the busy time period where Elizabeth was promoting Widows, but rest assured I will do my best to catch up on all of the events, interviews and videos I have missed.

Just a little note to say that I will be deleting the Instagram as I never used it and find it hard to handle more than a few accounts.


Below is a masterpost of various photoshoots Elizabeth has done including portraits from her time spent at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

001.jpg 002.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg

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Home > Photoshoots > 2018 > Set 006

Home > Photoshoots > 2018 > Set 007

Home > Photoshoots > 2018 > Set 008

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Elizabeth promoted two different movies while at the Toronto International Film Festival; Widows and Vita and Virginia.

005.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 019.jpg

Home > Events > 2018 > [8th September] Toronto International Film Festival – Widows Cast at The IMDb Studio, Canada

Home > Events > 2018 > [8th September] Toronto International Film Festival – Widows Premiere, Canada

On the 8th September, she appeared at the IMDb studios to chat about Widows, alongside her fellow cast members.

That same day, she looked elegant for the premiere of the movie.

002.jpg 012.jpg 006.jpg 020.jpg

Home > Events > 2018 > [9th September] Toronto International Film Festival – Widows Press Conference at TIFF Bell Lightbox, Canada

Home > Events > 2018 > [11th September] Toronto International Film Festival – Vita & Virginia Premiere at the Winter Garden Theatre, Canada

The following day included more promotion for Widows, with a cast talk at the Bell Lightbox.

On the 11th September, she then switched to promotion for Vita and Virginia, and attended the premiere alongside co-star Gemma Arterton.

I have added a number of screencaps for various interviews Elizabeth did during her time at TIFF, a few linked below:

071.jpg 010.jpg 001.jpg 007.jpg

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This movie of Elizabeth’s was released via Netlflix and I have finally added HQ screencaps to the gallery. You can also find one HQ promotional still. Elizabeth played the character of Jensen.

001.jpg 005.jpg 181.jpg 344.jpg

Home > Movie Productions > The Cloverfield Paradox > Screencaptures

Home > Movie Productions > The Cloverfield Paradox > Stills

Currently promoting this movie, I have added multiple Promotional Images to the gallery, as well as screencaps of the trailer and also TV spots that have aired. Elizabeth has received rave reviews for her role as Alice, and I cannot wait for the movie to be officially released!

002.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg 006.jpg

Home > Movie Productions > Widows > Promotional Stills

Home > Movie Productions > Widows > Posters

Home > Movie Productions > Widows > Official Trailer Screencaptures

Home > Movie Productions > Widows > TV Spot – This Is Not Your World

Another of Elizabeth’s new movies, I have added trailer screencaps to the gallery, as well as promotional stills and a behind the scenes shot.

005.jpg 002.png 001.jpg 017.jpg

Home > Movie Productions > The Tale > Promotional Stills

Home > Movie Productions > The Tale > Behind The Scenes

Home > Movie Productions > The Tale > Trailer Screencaptures

Another week and another fashion show! This time Elizabeth made an appearance at the Tom Ford fashion show at New York Fashion Week. HQ Images can be found below!

001.jpg 003.jpg 006.jpg 005.jpg

Home > Events > 2018 > [5th September] Tom Ford at New York Fashion Week, Park Avenue